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Award-winning small-batch gin distilled from Californian botanicals.

Are you over 21? Are you over 21?
Botanicals Botanicals

Botanicals foraged along the migratory path of the California Gray Whale



Big Sur

Our California Juniper is wild foraged from the Big Sur rocky coastline.

Section 1 - Juniper

Juniper is a super-berry packed with antioxidants and praised as a natural detoxifier for centuries. Juniper berries hand-picked from the Golden State are the heart of our superbly smooth gin.


Temecula Valley

Limes, lemons and oranges from Temecula Valley are lovingly hand zested for each batch.

Section 3 - Limes

These bright citrus notes kick-off our gin journey.

Fir Trees


Sustainably sourced from a tree farm in Sonoma Valley. 

Section 5 - Fir Trees

We sustainably harvest from living Fir Trees and de-needle each one by hand. The Fir imparts a cool pine coastal quality – a breath of Northern California in our gin.

Sea Kelp

Mendocino Coast

Kombu Seaweed wild harvested from kelp beds on the Mendocino Coast.  

Section 7 - Sea Kelp

Abundant in flavor and rich in mineral content, Kombu is unlike any other sea vegetable, earning it the title – "The King of Seaweeds." The Kombu Sea Kelp adds an earthy umami flavor profile that grounds our gin and reveals a spray of the Pacific Ocean in every sip.


Santa Cruz

Mint from Santa Cruz — a perfect amount of California cool mint.

Section 9 - Mint

Mint is one of the oldest culinary herbs known to mankind, celebrated for its remarkable medicinal properties. California mint's native habitat is along freshwater stream banks, that refreshing flavor flows in every glass of our gin. Breathe in the aroma and your mind is instantly calmed, transported to a seat overlooking the ocean.


Central Valley

Each season our almonds are harvested from Capay Valley.

Section 11 - Almonds

California makes more almonds than anywhere else in the world. The almond trees bloom white flowers in the spring and the almond seed is ready to be harvested in August. The almonds give our gin a delicate mouthfeel and a creamy finish.